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ByLock can never become a legitimate evidence!

Looking at the latest decision by the Supreme Court Assembly for Criminal Matters, it is observed that the initial list that started off with 215,092 names has now fallen to 49,680. The decision also reveals that Bylock can no longer be used as evidence against users registered without a user ID. Although this decision is a positive step, it still maintains its unlawful state. Namely;

The 88-page MIT (Turkish intelligence) report that all Bylock related cases are based mentions 215,092 users. It should also be noted that; In accordance with the criminal procedure law 134, an image was taken at 29.11.16 without a court decision.

On 01.03.2017, the list was reduced from 215.092 to 129.862. Although the list of 123.111 was updated on 05.08.2017 the old list of 129.860 names was sent off to the department of anti-smuggling and organised crime and judicial proceedings were conducted.

In April 2018, a new list of 49.680 consisting of users with user ID was created. Each update resulted in the reduction of the list by about 100,000 people.

A list of subscriber information was sent from the information and communication technologies authority on August 15, 2018, however, the origin of the data it contains is still a mystery. Unfortunately, all these procedures were carried out as intelligence, without the supervision of a judicial authority.

Although these procedures have no legal, judicial and logical basis, they also do not contain any scientific or auditable technical information.
Turkish laws clearly prohibit the use of data from intelligence as evidence however, the fact that all Bylock cases were based on evidence from a constantly modified intelligence report created with no judicial supervision is nothing but a legal catastrophe.

We demand real jurists to shed light on such unlawful proceedings. We renew our belief that all ByLock victims will keep following legal paths and eventually register their rightfulness.

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A ByLock Murder: The mind-blowing story of Colonel İsmail Gül

Now, you are going to listen one of tens of thousands of sorrowful stories of Bylock.

The retired Colonel İsmail Gül is a veteran from the operation of Cyprus. He served to the Navy for years. He participated in many different operations and campaigns including Cyprus Peace Operation. He was retired from Turkish Coast Guard Command in 1996, precisely 22 years before now.

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‘ByLock yüklemek ve/veya kullanmak’ suçlamasıyla tutuklanan veya hakkında dava  açılanlara hukuk desteği veriyoruz.

Dava dosyalarınızı bize mail atın, hukuk danışmanlarımız incelesin ve size yol göstersin.


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ByLock is an instant messaging app like WhatsApp


Forensic IT specialist confirms that byLock is an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, which was available on Play store & Apple store, NOT a top-secret, reference-only app installed by series of special passwords.


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You can not use any random evidence

Criminal law expert Prof. Dr. Ersan Şen: “You can not use any random evidence, there are protocols in gathering evidence. If the evidence that the National Intel Agency presented is intelligence info, then it’s highly debatable as evidence”

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CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal: Use of bylock isn’t a crime in Turkish Law

Former lawyer, CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal: “There is no article in Turkish criminal law saying use of byLock is a crime. Not the use, the content including acts or conversations of crime is important.”

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Amnesty pointed out that downloading ByLock should not of itself be a crime since the app had been downloaded over 600,000 times throughout the world between April 2102 and April 2016.

It has been reported that the chair of Amnesty International in Turkey and 10 other Amnesty activists have gone on trial in Istanbul in one of the most high-profile tests of Turkish criminal law since the failed coup in 2016 led to tens of thousands of arrests and dismissals from public office. Taner Kılıç, chair of Amnesty in Turkey since 2014, is on trial on two separate charges, largely on the basis of allegations that he downloaded a widely available phone messaging application called ByLock.

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Tens of thousands of people have been arrested or dismissed from officein a wide-ranging crackdown since the coup

Eleven human rights activists including two senior Amnesty International employees have gone on trial in Istanbul on terrorism charges, in one of the most high-profile tests of Turkish criminal law since a failed coup in 2016.

Ten of the activists, including Amnesty’s Turkey director, İdil Eser, were arrested while attending a digital security training workshop in July.

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European Union’s Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove : ” “You need not only circumstantial evidence – like just downloading an app – but concrete substantive data which shows that they were involved…,”

(Reuters) – The European Union does not share Turkey’s view that the network of U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen is a terrorist organization and would need to see “substantive” evidence to change its stance, the EU’s counter-terrorism coordinator said.

The comments by Gilles de Kerchove are likely to infuriate Ankara, which accuses Gulen of masterminding a failed military coup last year, in which more than 250 people were killed. Gulen has denied the charge and condemned the coup.

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Freedom House-Turkey Country Report of Internet Freedom 2017 Including Opinion in ByLock

Key Developments:

JUNE 2016–MAY 2017

  • After protests erupted over the removal from office of 28 mayors in the Kurdish-majority southeast, authorities restricted internet access for approximately 12 million residents in the region (see Restrictions on Connectivity).
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