Scandal answer from the judge

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Scandal answer from the judge

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When the  search for justice  was  continuing throughout  the  country, a  scandalous  answer from  a judge  revealed  the  seriousness  of the  situation.  The  President  of the  Court, “This  case  is  not important  for me!  This  ByLock  list  that  came  from  MIT  (natioanal  intelligence  agency  of  Turkey)  is important  for me,”  he  said.  The  letter sent  by Mustafa  Dursun, brother  of Uğur Dursun victim  of “bylock”  who was  trialed  on 15 June,  assistant  director of Kayseri  Regional  Directorate  of Forestry, to  exposes  the  unlawfulness  of the  victimization  chain  in court  phase  which is currently  increasing in  Turkey.  After the  custody and detention  process, which  is  a  complete tragedy,  it  reveals  what  kind  of legal  massacres  are  involved  in both the  indictments, the proceedings  and the  defenses.

How healthy do these  prosecutors  and judges  decide?
The  letter  contains  the  following  statements;  “We  did not  want  to  be  given  us  a  privilege.  The  only thing we  wanted  that  our files  were  quickly searched and decided and  no new  victims  were produced. Our prosecutors, whom  we  have  appointed  to the  courts  because  of this  process, are  so young;  It  seems  impossible  to make  a  decision  by looking at  the  file  without  hesitation  and fear of pressure.  Because  they  know;  Even if  an innocent  person, when I release  it  I am  to  be  prosecuted  or suspended/dismissed, exiled, imprisoned.  Think  about  how  healthy these  prosecutors  and judges can decide. In fact  we  had a  complete  legal  disaster in our first  stance.  After a  period  exceeding 2 months  no information  added to  the  case  additional  to  accusation and all  needed  documents  were gathered;
Then why did you write  all  those  official  demands  from  the  institutions?
The  President  of the  Court;  “Okay, you put  everything  into the  file,  I believe  that  what  you are telling me;  But  for me  this  file  does  not  have  a  point!  This  ByLock  list  from  MIT  is  important  for me,” he  said. Not  know  whether to laugh  or cry ?  Then  why did  you write  and  ask all  those document  from  institutions.  BTK  also is  included.  Why is  it  not  even  necessary to examine  the communication (HTS) and NAT  registration  report  from  the  BTK(information  and communication technologies  authority). If a  vaudeville  is  established  and we  are  introduced as  an  extras, what  does it  mean to  do it  in  a  formal  courtroom  ?  We  have  at  least  four people, including  our lawyer who will testify  to this  experience.  Then why would a  court  be  made  after  a  court  head said the  case  is  not important?  If it  can  not  put  any  information or documents  against  my brother  in any of the institutions  and organizations  that  he  wants, how  will  we  look at  the  justice  of this  judgment  and be silent.  During  the  court,  attitudes  such playing his  phone, constantly  looking at  his  left  and right  and huffing  and puffing, mess  with his  hair … In short, even  though when he  is  listening Mr. Judge  did not  bother  to respect.

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