A ByLock Murder: The mind-blowing story of Colonel İsmail Gül

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A ByLock Murder: The mind-blowing story of Colonel İsmail Gül

Now, you are going to listen one of tens of thousands of sorrowful stories of Bylock.

The retired Colonel İsmail Gül is a veteran from the operation of Cyprus. He served to the Navy for years. He participated in many different operations and campaigns including Cyprus Peace Operation. He was retired from Turkish Coast Guard Command in 1996, precisely 22 years before now.

Just like hundreds of thousands of people, his life is completely changed in just one night. All his rights were taken away from him without question in July 2017 by a decree-law because his dentist son, Ahmet Gül, had allegedly Bylock installed to his phone.

His rank, which he carried with honor for years were degraded and he was made a simple private soldier. Colonel Gül, whose heart could not withstand this slander, passed  away in 11 December 2017. There was no even military ceremony during his funeral.

However, at the same time, President Erdogan assigned former MP of AKP Şaban Dişli, who is the brother of Major General Mehmet Dişli who is one of the significant people in 15th July as advisor.

What happened then? The Bylock list which caused the death of Colonel İsmail Gül was changed. First, Dentist Ahmet Gül was removed from the list by saying “Sorry” and then, his father, the Cyprus Veteran İsmail Gül’s ranks were returned and his honor was restored when he was in grave.

His wife, Sevinç Gül told the things they went through as following: “ That summer was very good in fact until then. One night, one of our close relatives called and told us about the Decree-Law lists. I can’t tell you how my husband’s face changed. I didn’t even see him like this when he came back from Cyprus. During his funeral, there was no military ceremony. Then the Bylock list is updated and my son was not in the new list. After this, my husband’s rank was returned to him. He was made a Colonel in the grave where he entered as a Private.”

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