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A ByLock Murder: The mind-blowing story of Colonel İsmail Gül

Now, you are going to listen one of tens of thousands of sorrowful stories of Bylock.

The retired Colonel İsmail Gül is a veteran from the operation of Cyprus. He served to the Navy for years. He participated in many different operations and campaigns including Cyprus Peace Operation. He was retired from Turkish Coast Guard Command in 1996, precisely 22 years before now.

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ByLock is an instant messaging app like WhatsApp


Forensic IT specialist confirms that byLock is an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, which was available on Play store & Apple store, NOT a top-secret, reference-only app installed by series of special passwords.


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You can not use any random evidence

Criminal law expert Prof. Dr. Ersan Şen: “You can not use any random evidence, there are protocols in gathering evidence. If the evidence that the National Intel Agency presented is intelligence info, then it’s highly debatable as evidence”

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CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal: Use of bylock isn’t a crime in Turkish Law

Former lawyer, CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal: “There is no article in Turkish criminal law saying use of byLock is a crime. Not the use, the content including acts or conversations of crime is important.”