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Turkish Police Say No Basis To Arrest People Over ByLock App

Thousands in Turkey were sent to jails for downloading messaging app ByLock.

Just imagine the police storm your house, put you in a police van and drive away. For days, you remain under custody. You would be lucky if you’re fed, allowed to sleep or at least not tortured. In about 10 days, you are brought before a judge who asks you about an iPhone app called Telegram that you downloaded 2 years ago. Before even you have a chance to ask how come the judge could even know what you installed on your iPhone 2 years ago, he seals your fate. “Because ISIS militants use Telegram to communicate among themselves, you are most likely part of that terrorist group,” the court decision says to justify the arrest. You are probably sitting in a jail for several months now, with no idea when you may be released.

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